Daniel Ablitt | Cascade

cascade 32 x 40 cm oil on panel 975

Daniel Ablitt


Oil on panel
32 x 40cm – framed 51 x 59cm




Daniel Ablitt

BORN: 1976, Somerset. EDUCATION: Edinburgh and Cheltenham, BA Fine Art

dan ablitt studio
Inspired by childhood memories and travels, films and novels, Dan Ablitt’s paintings contain tantalising mystery, providing us with more questions than answers, whilst comforting us in their nostalgia. We make strong connections with Dan’s work, and the universal appeal of his landscapes and symbolism make his work highly collectible throughout the UK and internationally.

Paintings are produced in oil on wood panel where the subtle grain can play an important part in the surface of the painting. Layered textures and glazes and a limited palette are balanced with fine graphic details that are often repeated across the work, emanating a sense of calm. We are drawn into the landscape by a human element, figure or building, creating narrative and intrigue.

“My surroundings often provide the starting point for my work. This could be a visit to an area of outstanding natural beauty, woodland and alpine forests having a significant influence, along with the landscape of south Somerset, where I live and work. My memories of my childhood also have a strong influence on my work, conveying a sense of nostalgia.”