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1973 Born in Aberdeen
1993-1996 Visual Arts Degree, Cheltenham
1996-1997 MA Degree in Arts Management, Cambridge
Collections: Austwick Hall Sculpture Trail

‘During 10 years as a professional sculptor, Sally Grant has exhibited at prestigious galleries nationally including the Royal West of England Academy. The sculptures are expressionistic, semi abstract figures and heads, some quite small in scale, others large enough to be placed outside. Each piece starts with a clay maquette which is cast, after various stages of refinement. Emanating feelings such as joy, remembrance or longing, Sally’s sculpture captures a range of emotion.The tactile and sensual figures leave a lasting impression, each piece having a fluidity that gives harmony and elegance. ‘
Patricia Jennery

Hayloft exhibits Sally Grant’s figurative bronzes, some exclusively. Whilst the influence of great sculptors such as Moore is evident, pieces such as River Figure also reference Sally’s understanding of landscape in the flow and angles, and the abstraction of the feminine form.