Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the immature marsh harrier and the roe deer

Yesterday we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We have been there before but this time there was another polar bear, along with Victor and they are aiming for a third one!

The animals we saw were: barn owl, wallaby, (young in pouch) black kite, common marmoset, (young as well), Guinea baboon, (adults with lots of young) ring tailed lemur, (at least eight with young) black and white ruffed lemur, red river hog, Amur leopard, Amur tiger, African lion, giraffe, squirrel monkey, mara, capybara, South American coati, giant anteater, polar bear, meerkat and yellow mongoose.

At Land of the tiger, there was a reed bed with lots of coots, oystercatchers, lapwings and mallards. While Redwin was watching the tigers, I spotted a harrier.  At first I thought it was a male hen harrier, but when we got back we discovered that it was a juvenile marsh harrier.  Also it hovered like a kestrel.

On the motorway on the way back, I spotted a roe deer next to some trees.