Whooper swans at Carsington Water

Last weekend, we went to Carsington Water.  Recently, there has been a lot of hawfinches there, but unfortunately we didn’t see any.  In the main hide, we saw a dunlin and a ruff on the shoreline.  They were both the first I had seen this year, bringing my year’s total to 140.  There was a lot of snipe all lined up on the bank, and I counted about 25 of them.  There was a willow tit on the feeders, but less tree sparrows than usual.  There has been a new hide built there, and apparently some whooper swans had been seen from there.  We went down there and we were lucky enough to see two adults and a youngster at a distance.  They were my first whoopers.  They are visitors from Greenland and Iceland.  We went to the Paul Stanley Hide and saw some more dunlin and some lapwings.


A drawing of a Whooper from Winterwatch