Sponsored birdwatch

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.43.42Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.43.12Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 13.42.35In May, me and my friends from the Nature club we run at our school organised a sponsored birdwatch for some of the pupils to take part in, the leaders of Nature club and the teachers included, on the 14th-15th May.  Our Nature club had a vote on which charity to give the money we raised to: the hen harrier appeal or Loch Arkaig. The hen harrier appeal won the vote.  Hen harriers were one of the options because they are the UK’s rarest BOP (bird of prey).  Only 6 pairs nested successfully last year.  We gave each of the people who wanted to raise money a sponsor form with the most commonly seen birds around Buxton.

On the 14th, me and Daddy went to Lightwood. We saw a nuthatch creeping up a tree.  We walked up to the top of the hill where we had seen the ring ouzel.  Three or four lapwings flew over, calling “peewee, peewee”.  As they call like this, another name for them is peewit.  A raven called harshly from a nearby tree, and we saw a pair of them fly.  You can tell if its a raven in flight because of their distinctive diamond-shaped tails.  We walked out over the moors, and we saw some green hairstreaks, tiny moth-sized butterflies that live on moorlands.  They look just like micro-moths in flight but when they land you can see the green on the underneath of their wings.  Elkie, our dog, flushed out some red grouse from the heather, and they flew past.  Some meadow pipits flew past, and we saw quite a few.  A pair of curlew also flew off, and we heard them calling.  We walked into the woods, and a pair of lesser whitethroats flew right in front of us, and perched in a small tree!  They were a new species for us.  We went down through the woods, and we stopped for a few minutes to see if we could see them again.  I saw a songbird flit onto a log, and when I looked at it through my binoculars, I realised it was a spotted flycatcher. This is the first I’ve ever seen in the UK. I managed to see 46 species that weekend.

At the end of the birdwatch all the people who attended it, including me, managed to raise £102!

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