Siskin and the first moth

Over the past few weeks, it has seemed like spring has already arrived.  There are butterflies and bees out already, the first butterfly being a Brimstone.  The frogs have already started to lay eggs in our ponds and we counted 52 adults yesterday.  Also some of our Blue Tits have been checking out our boxes.  Although the birds haven’t been relying on our feeders, one surprise came in the form of a pair of Siskin, a male and female, which visited last weekend.  We think the niger seed was what attracted them, but they fed of peanuts and sunflower seed as well.  They haven’t been back since then but yesterday we did see a small flock of around 5 birds which landed in a garden further down the street with lots of conifers.  Hopefully we will see more of them.

Yesterday evening, we found the first moth of the year on our utility room door.  We managed to pot it up and identified it as a Dotter Border.  In our garden we have a lot of the larval food plants listed in our book.  Apparently the females of the species are flightless but the males are attracted to light so we might get them in our moth trap if we set it up during the flight period.  We also recently found a Large Yellow Underwing caterpillar which was interesting to see as they are such a common moth but we have never seen the caterpillar!


Dotted Border