Red deer and a cuckoo at Padley Gorge

On my birthday, we went to Padley Gorge. We heard cuckoos calling in the distance.  We went there to try and see pied flycatchers, which nest in boxes put out specially for them by the National Trust, with metal around the holes to stop woodpeckers getting the chicks.  All three species of woodpecker live at Padley.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see a flycatcher but we think we might have heard one.  We went on to the moors and got closer to the cuckoos, and we had some luck and managed to see one in the distance, and I managed to get a film.  We also saw four red deer, all stags.  They still had velvet on their antlers, which protects them when they are growing.Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.38.42