Old Moor RSPB

Today, we went to Old Moor RSPB in South Yorkshire.  First, we went to see what was on the bird feeders.  There were goldfinches and reed buntings, and also a pair of stock doves, which were good to see. We walked around a reed bed and saw some shovelers.  They seemed to be displaying to each other.  We went into a hide and saw a little grebe really close, some gadwall and more shovelers.  Then we went to the tree sparrow viewing area.  There were lots of greenfinches and bullfinches, and we did see some tree sparrows inspecting one of the nest boxes.  There were lots of nest boxes around for the sparrows, as they are in steep decline as well as greenfinches.  Tree sparrows are fairly different to house sparrows and are more of a lighter brown.  In fact, I’ve only seen them in three different locations in my life including Carsington and Rutland.  We went to a different hide, and we saw some wigeon and teal.  There was also a peregrine falcon perched on a post!  It was the first one I’d seen in around two years.  It must have sat there for forty minutes so we thought it must have been digesting something it had just eaten.  Some lapwings were also feeding, and a flock of starlings came down for a bath.  One of them got left behind and it looked really confused!  We went to another hide and saw the peregrine again, and it flew to a recent kill nearby and started plucking.  We also saw some common gulls.