On Sunday, we enjoyed another morning ringing at Ramsley with Geoff.  A total of 68 birds were caught, the majority of numbers being made up by a mixed tit flock that passed through producing 17 long-tailed tits, 7 blue tits, 3 coal tits, 1 great tit, a goldcrest, a treecreeper and 4 chiffchaff.  We also caught 18 meadow pipit (one of which was a control), 11 lesser redpoll, a male great spotted woodpecker and a reed bunting.  

The highlight was definitely the female kestrel that was caught towards the end of the morning.  I processed the bird whilst Geoff held it.  I fitted it with an E ring and it was aged as a 5 (a bird that definitely hatched last year) as its eye ring was a pure yellow instead of a green-yellow.

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