Jodrell Bank

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.09.46Today we went to Jodrell Bank near Manchester.  It’s a discovery centre, but one of my friends said there is a lot of birdlife there, including green woodpeckers.  Around the area of the massive telescope, we were amazed to see a pair of peregrines diving around and we thought they were after the jackdaws that were flapping around.  There were some feeders out and we saw a nuthatch on them.  We walked to the bird hide and saw a green woodpecker!  It is only the second sighting I’ve had in my life.  They have a strange laughing call and love to eat ants.  We saw it a few more times flying around, enough to confirm its identification but not close enough to film it.  Just then, I thought I heard the a siskin and when we looked into a tree, we saw a pair of males sitting there.  There call is a lot less melodic than that of other finches.  We went into the hide.  There were tits on the feeders and a pair of long-tailed tits came in as well.  To our surprise, there was a redpoll (which after looking up ID proved to be a lesser) hopping around feeding.  I got a couple of good films of it.  The lesser redpoll is apparently the only redpoll to breed in the UK, whereas common and Arctic redpolls are winter visitors.