Birdfair 2018

In the summer holidays, we went to Birdfair at Rutland Water.  The funds raised form this year’s event will have gone to help protect flamingos in Argentina.

We went on Thursday to go to the Lyndon Nature Reserve where the ospreys nest.  The adults were still hanging round on the reserve but the juveniles had already left for Africa.  After that, we went to Egleton Reserve to see a red-necked phalarope.  It was a new bird for me and it was really pleasing to have seen it.  Phalaropes have an unusual habit among waders as they swim like a gull instead of wading.

On Friday, we went into the fair.  We first went to the BTO Ringing stand and saw a number of species in the hand including reed warblers, sedge warblers and of course blue tits!

We went to two daytime lectures, including one by Simon King about the impacts of farming and one chaired by Stephen Moss called Would I Fly To You?  There were two teams, one lead by Mike Dilger and the other by Bill Oddie and each team had to show how good they were at identifying each other’s truths and lies.

We also attended the Friday evening lecture.  This year’s lecture was about the current state of nature.  It was chaired by Dominic Dyer and featured Mark Cocker, Mary Colwell, Kerry McCarthy MP, Simon King and Chris Packham.