I am Rowan Wakefield, and I am really interested in wildlife.  I live in the Peak District on the edge of a local nature reserve and I love watching and seeing wildlife.  We have badgers coming to our garden every night for food we put out and we’ve got some really good camera trap footage.  I am not just interested in birds and mammals but also record moths, butterflies and dragonflies in my area.



Common rustic










I am currently a trainee bird ringer with Geoff Mawson from the Sorby Breck Ringing Group.  The group is one of the most active in the UK and rings in the Sheffield and North Derbyshire area.  Ringing is really enjoyable and also very interesting too.  I have learnt so much this year because of going out ringing.

This spring I am hoping to set up a nest box ringing scheme at my school.


This year, I attended BTO Birdcamp in Thetford.  It was an amazing experience and I got to see see nightjars in the hand being ringed and fitted with Geolocators.  

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I was a finalist for the Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder of the Year competition at MigFest this year.  The questions were really hard but it was still a really good experience!

My best ever mammal sighting (so far) was a wolverine in Finland, whilst on a bear watching trip.  We saw 52 Russian brown bears, including cubs, and also some amazing birds including white-tailed eagle, great grey shrike, black-throated diver and black kite.  We stayed in Finland during midsummer, and it was light all the time. 

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I like to draw in pencil, and also use pencil crayon. I usually use photographs (mainly from screenshots of my films).  I sometimes use oil pastels and also watercolours or gouache.  


I currently use a Panasonic 90x zoom video camera and some of my films and screenshots from them will appear in my posts.

I collect taxidermy because I can see all the detail of the animals that you don’t normally get to see in the wild. I also collect bird wings and skulls.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 14.49.39

Wing of a short-eared owl

I hope you enjoy my blog and I will try to update regularly!